10 Week Group Fitness Personal Training

10 Week Training and Fitness Training Program Guidelines and Commitments


  • Set and achieve fitness, health and nutritional goals in 10 week cycle
  • Provide a foundational program based on functional movements that reduce the likelihood of injury
  • Based on proven training methodology the will yield results

Coach’s Commitments

Coaches will..

  • Coaches will: assist in goal setting, ensuring goals are reasonable, achievable and attainable
  • Coaches will: provide nutritional guidance (although we are not a nutritionist) on food choices, portion control and preparation techniques in alignment with level of activity and athletes goals that are proven to yield results
  • Coaches will: develop workouts leveraging CrossFit certificate training, and general fitness experience (physique training and ACSM personal training prep)
  • Coaches will: ensure all workouts are challenging yet scalable & meaningful to produce results, and will be safe for all ages and fitness levels
  • Coaches will: provide weekly workout and nutrition log books for athlete tracking and measurements
  • Coaches will: be available for questions and concerns throughout the program for all athletes via phone, email, text or in person
  • Coaches will: host two training sessions weekly Sunday mornings (7:15-8:30 or 8:45-10:00) & provide 2 workouts per week that can be performed at home or in a local gym within 1 hr

Athlete’s Commitments

As an athlete agreeing to this program I will commit to…

  • As an athlete I will:  workout 3 days per week, and attend a minimum 7 Sunday sessions for best results
  • As an athlete I will: submit to body measurements, weekly weight & body fat tracking, and before & after pictures (fully clothed)
  • As an athlete I will: adhere to clean eating nutrition program for entire 10 week cycle duration with 1-2 cheat meals/week (cheat “meals” not days)
  • As an athlete I will: set achievable but aggressive fitness goals, such a movement, weight loss, walking, running, improved performance, develop a new skill, etc.
  • As an athlete I will: to tracking workouts and food during 10 week period in supplied log book
  • As an athlete I will: remain positive and supportive towards your own and fitness goals of other group athletes

Benefits & Intended Outcomes

  • Achieve desired goals and Improve measurable health factors (Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Fat %, etc, inches)
  • Jump start and/or reignite your passion for fitness
  • Look better with your clothes on and off. 🙂


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