Tuesday WOD “down the stairs”

Warm up
400m run

3 rds
5 strict pull UPS
10 burpees
15 air squats
30 sec. hold bottom of squat

Backsquat (in smith machine 😦 ) ‘–down the stairs’
Work up to 50% of 1rm
20 reps rest 2 min between each set
15 reps
10 reps
5 reps

50 double unders or 800m run buyout -not for time

10 min Mobility – lax ball smash
– glutes
– hamstrings
– calves


AaNot for timd100

Monday WOD “werk da whole body”

Warm up

400m run

5 burpees
10 pull-up or ring rows or bent over rows (db each arm) or Lat Pull down if your gym has this machine.
5 T2b or 10 high knee raises
5rds for time use same weight for both movements, therefore light weight.
10 thrusters
10 db deadlift

Cahba: Orlando hotel 5:58 30# db’scropped-efm-logo-rectangle-web-small.jpg

Sunday WOD from Disney

warm up

complete 2 rds not for time

25 double unders(practice double count each missed attempt as 1 single)

25 air squats

10 bird dogs


10 rds for time

10 walking lunges (back knee kisses the floor, front knee tracks over ankle but not over toes)

10 push-UPS (use stairs or box or chair if not strict, back straight as a board)

15 double unders or 2x singles

record time

Cahba 19:01 (outdoors, high humidity, beat my time)

10 u