Monday WOD “werk da whole body”

Warm up

400m run

5 burpees
10 pull-up or ring rows or bent over rows (db each arm) or Lat Pull down if your gym has this machine.
5 T2b or 10 high knee raises
5rds for time use same weight for both movements, therefore light weight.
10 thrusters
10 db deadlift

Cahba: Orlando hotel 5:58 30# db’scropped-efm-logo-rectangle-web-small.jpg

3 thoughts on “Monday WOD “werk da whole body”

  1. I was going to do Sunday’s WOD thinking my jump rope was at work; however, it wasn’t. Guess it’s at home or it better be or else that would mean someone broke into the office and stole my jumprope! Ha! Anyway, this one: 15# dumbbells – 6:13!

  2. Sweet Liz! Nice job. Not sure about you but this one left me gasping for air with those thrusters. Ugh=awesome! 😁

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