Sunday Nov. 30th – Final WOD for Movember!



Row 500m

Then complete 2 rounds of the following

  • 30 second hollow body hold
  • 10 scapula push-ups
  • 10 body rows
  • 10 box jumps or step-ups
  • 10 lateral banded walks (10 each side)



  • Back Squat  – Find 1 Rep Max

Skills and Drills 

  • L-Sits – Progressions
  • Push Press
  • Front squat
  • Thrusters


  • 25 Double Unders (scale 2 singles for every double)
  • 10 Push Press (45# men/33#women)


7:15 am Early crew (where’s Guichi??) ;-(

Back squat

  • J.Shish – 70# (to box with 1 plate, plate not necessary)
  • Liz 70# (to box with 3-4 plates) – Remove 1 plate next time
  • Oni 155# (solid at 135# a little shaky at 155#)


  1. 25 Double Unders or 2x fast singles
  2. 10 push press
  • Oni
  • Liz
  • J.Shish

Turkey Day Workout – 5k Run Cash-Out Option

Cash-Out – Run 5k turkey trot – Skip the rest, record time enjoy thanksgiving!

Or Complete the following Workout, bring a friend or family member.

Warm -Up 


  • Jumping Jacks
  • Air Squats
  • Flutter Kicks


AMRAP – 6 Mins (Set clock to 6 minutes)  Since this workout is only six minutes the goal is to push just a little faster try to rest every 2 mins and keep pushing through.   

First Workout Week of Nov 24th

bird dog

Warm Up 

Complete 2 rounds of the following:

  •   20 jumping jacks
  •  10 –  alternating 1 arm  bent over dumbbell rows  – Watch Video 
  •  10 – slow and controlled bird dogs
  •  10 – alternating 1 arm  bent over dumbbell rows
  •  20 jumping jacks

Workout – Complete the following movements for time – NOTE TIME TO COMMENTS

Complete the following – break up the movements in as many sets with breaks as necessary

  • 50 push ups
  • 40 standing Dumbbell strict press (chose light to medium load) – Sit flat on the floor, maintain strong core – Watch Video 
  • 30 Sit ups
  • 20 walking lunges – Watch Video for Proper Form 
  • 10 air squats

10th Annual 5K Turkey Trot to Benefit LARS

Thanks to Liz for sharing the news about the 10th annual 5k run, 1mile walk to benefit the Laurel Advocacy and Referral service that assist homeless and low-income individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis by providing both emergency and long-term services designed to promote self-sufficiency.

This event is held RAIN OR SHINE! Free parking is plentiful along Prince George, Montgomery, and Main Streets.

Packet Pick-Up & Pre-Registration is Wednesday, 11/26 from 3-6pm at the First United Methodist Church (424 Main Street, Laurel MD 20707).

Race Day Schedule:

  • 7:00AM Late Registration/Packet Pick-Up
  • 7:40AM Group Warm-Up
  • 8:00AM 5K Run Starts
  • 8:05AM 1 Mile Walk Starts

Current registration fee is $40 and the fee supports the humanitarian efforts and mission of the LARS organization.



Looks like Liz has inspired our small group to join the cause and run off off some calories before Thanksgiving festivities.

See you there!

Workout Sunday Nov. 23rd

Warm up 

500m row

follow-ed by 2 rds

  • 10 ring rows
  • 10 bird dogs
  • 10 lateral band walks – VIDEO hip development
  • 10 banded crossover chop
  • 10 air squats

Stretching and mobility 

  • Psoas smashing with Lacrosse ball
  • samson stretch

EMOM (7-15 reps each) 

  • Wall Ball
  • Row for cal
  • burpees


  • Shins touch the bar
  • Shoulders back/stand tall
  • Maintain lumbar curve
  • Deep breathe and hold while lifting
  • Weight remains on heels
  • Arms stay straight (arms do NOT rebend at any time)


  • 4 Pushups
  • 6 Squats
  • 8 Deadlift 

7:15 AM results


7:15 AM results




Second Workout for Week of Nov. 18th


complete 2 rounds for quality

  • 10 arm circles forward
  • 10 arm cirlces backward
  • 15 jumping jacks (Liz air squats)
  • 10 – Push ups – use stairs or wall for scale, DO NOT do knee push-ups
  • Hollowbody hold 30 seconds


Complete 2 rounds 

  • 1 min samson stretch each side – Watch Video 
  • 1 min psoas flossing with lacrosse ball-  each side – Watch Video Starting at 2:36 for proper psoas flossing technique


AMRAP – 10 – Set clock for 10 mins 

  • 3 – Burpees
  • 6 – sit-ups
  • 9 – Goblet Squats – Watch video – men use 10-25# Dumbbell or kettle bell/ladies use 5-15# Weight

First WOD for week of Nov. 17th


Warm Up 

Mobility (grab your lacrosse ball) 

  • Scapula Smash – 90 secs each side – Lying on the floor use the Lacrosse ball to smash your soft tissue around your shoulder blades or scapula, roll the soft tissue NOT the bone.  WATCH VIDEO for proper form. 


AMRAP-10 (Set clock to 10 minutes)  – record number or rounds and reps to comments

Sunday WOD – Nov. 16th

snoridgeWall Balls_bMjAxMy1iYWU1ODgyN2U5ZmY1MzZm_51381bb11a147


Complete 2 rounds

  • 10 – Scapula Push-ups
  • hollow body holds (30 secs)
  • row 250m

EMOM-6 (6 minute every min on the minute) 

  • Wall-ball
  • row calories
  • burpees (knee push-ups for Liz)

Skills & Drills 


  • maintain hollow from static to dynamic
    • vertical hollow hold
    • vertical hollow slow walk on toes
    • vertical hollow hopping

Skill – strict pull-up 

  • coaches spot athletes (no bands, no boxes)
  • dead hang from bar
  • active shoulders
  • maintain hollow body
  • pull-attempt

Pull as many as possible with good form

Finish with 5-10 strict hollow ring rows

AMRAP – 7 

  • 5 – Dumbbell press
  • 10 – Sit-ups
  • 15 – air squats

7am – RESULTS 


8:45am – RESULTS 


Friday Inspiration!

Early this morning my wife was traveling and at the airport she runs into someone who is a fitness inspiration for me and a model for all of us as we age.

Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd

Don’t know who she is, don’t worry I’ll fill you in.

Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd is 75+ and is the  Guinness book of world records eldest female professional body builder.  But not only that she is 100% natural, and began her fitness lifestyle at the age over the age of 50.  She works out everyday and teaches a fitness class in the Baltimore area.

I’ve met Mrs. Shepherd back in 2012 as I was starting my personal fitness journey and had the opportunity to take her fitness bootcamp class, that totally kicked my butt.  I was amazed at the level of fitness demonstrated by this 75+ year old women, while I tried not to die in front of a class of 40+ people also trying not to die.

Good news is my love wife went the extra mile and told her that I was trying to reach her this summer to visit her gym, as she lives in the Baltimore area.  She was excited to hear, they exchanged information and Jillian is officially my hero, again! My wife ROCKS!

We will hear more about Mrs. Shepherd in coming weeks for sure.