Friday Inspiration!

Early this morning my wife was traveling and at the airport she runs into someone who is a fitness inspiration for me and a model for all of us as we age.

Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd

Don’t know who she is, don’t worry I’ll fill you in.

Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd is 75+ and is the  Guinness book of world records eldest female professional body builder.  But not only that she is 100% natural, and began her fitness lifestyle at the age over the age of 50.  She works out everyday and teaches a fitness class in the Baltimore area.

I’ve met Mrs. Shepherd back in 2012 as I was starting my personal fitness journey and had the opportunity to take her fitness bootcamp class, that totally kicked my butt.  I was amazed at the level of fitness demonstrated by this 75+ year old women, while I tried not to die in front of a class of 40+ people also trying not to die.

Good news is my love wife went the extra mile and told her that I was trying to reach her this summer to visit her gym, as she lives in the Baltimore area.  She was excited to hear, they exchanged information and Jillian is officially my hero, again! My wife ROCKS!

We will hear more about Mrs. Shepherd in coming weeks for sure.

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