Final WOD – 10 Week Program Complete


400m run


  • Body Rows
  • Push Press

Snatch balance &  burgener warm-up

AMRAP-10 (record # of rounds + reps completed) compare to WOD #2 week of April 21 


WOD for Week of June 23rd

WOD for the week of June 23rd

Warm Up

400m run followed by


  • Air Squats
  • Sit-Ups


  • Hold bottom of the squat for 45-90 seconds 3 times (keep the chest up, push the knees out)
  • Samson stretch  (opens the hips for the thrusters)


21-15-9 For Time (note the time it takes to complete)

(Complete 21 reps of the following movements, followed by 15, followed by 9)

  • Dumbbell Thrusters (note DB weight)  I recommend you use the same weight as your last DB seated press
  • Push-Ups

That’s IT!!!!