2nd WOD for Week of August 17th


Warm Up 

  • 400m run 

then complete 3 rounds of the following 

  • 10 air squats 
  • 10 sit-ups 

WORKOUT of the Day 


  • 10 Floor Press (watch video if you missed class on Sunday) – Use medium weight dumbbells (7.5#-25#)women / 10-30# men – Use am empty barbell if you’re working out in a gym with barbells 
  • 10 Seated Dumb Bell Press (use lighter weighted dumbbells) 5-10# ladies/ 7.5-20# men – VIDEO 
  • 10 Burpees 



4 thoughts on “2nd WOD for Week of August 17th

  1. Argh this was a tough one. 5 + 10. I used 8#s on the floor press and 5#s on the dumbell press. Shoulders are still burning…

  2. Be sure to stretch out those shoulder and pectorals or any other sore muscles after this one. It’s designed to be a push, push, push workout. You can DO IT!!!!

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