First WOD of Week of Dec. 22nd


Warm -Up 

Complete the following


  • Jumping jacks
  • Sit-ups
  • Air Squats


AMRAP-8 (use same weight for thrusters & bent over row) Note time and weight in comments

  • 10 – Thrusters – (use same barbell or dumbbell weight) – Watch video for proper form 
  • 10 – Two arm bent over rows – with barbell or dumbbells (use a barbell if you have one)  (women 33# barbell/ men 45# barbell) – Scale to lighter weight if necessary – Watch video for proper form
  • 25 flutter kicks

3 thoughts on “First WOD of Week of Dec. 22nd

    • The 12.5# was too light for the bent over rows, but “just right” for the thrusters, so I upped the weight for the bent over rows.

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