What was Kingwood doing in October? Slacking!!! So excited for November!

Here’s a quick update on how Coach Cahba was spending his time during the month of October aka Fall Break.  

While some have suggested I was slacking off, sleeping in until noon on Sunday’s, we all know that’s only partly true. 🙂

Here’s a summary of what was going on in October and why the Garage Gym needed a little break.

Oct. 2014 in review: 

  • Oct. 4th –  Competed in the SuperFit Games – Team SuperFit DC – Oct 4th Male/Female “Scaled” Division
    • Finished on the podium 3rd place  – Whoot!
  • Oct. 5th – 10th – Traveled to Monte Carlo, Monaco and the French Rivera with Jillian as part of Microsoft’s Platinum Club
  • Oct 12th – 3rd Birthday Party for Kosi
  • Oct. 15th – Grand Opening – New Gymboree Location –  Like us on Facebook Gymboree of Crofton 
  • Oct. 25 – 26th – Completed CrossFit Gymnastics Certification Course – aka –  16 hours of core torture, bodyweight movements and handstands. I learned lots of new skills to share with my friends. 
  • Nov. 1st – Promoted at work, great opportunity and challenge

October was a very fun, and but very busy month.

Also, I found some time to revise and update the programming (schedule of workouts) for our new formatted 12 week cycle.  There will be an increased focused on core development, gymnastics (body weight movements) and strength development.  For those who completed the prior 10 week cycle(s) I expect you will find this new format familiar, yet different and more challenging.

Can’t wait to get back to training and coaching with my peeps!

Here are some pictures from the October activities.

3 thoughts on “What was Kingwood doing in October? Slacking!!! So excited for November!

  1. Wow congrats on the promotion and the new business! And I want to see pics of tht trip!! I’m such a travel whore- nothing makes me jealous like a cool vacation 🙂

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