Wrapping up the 1st 4 week block of our 12 (13) week program

Happy Tuesday Folks,
This past Sunday wrapped up the first 4 week block of our 12 week or (13 week program).

Looking back at the last four weeks can you guess the primary theme and training goal of the first 4 week block??

That’s right….. ‘Hollow Body  & Mid-line stability’

That’s right, the goal was to learn how to train, and maintain a strong mid-line through static and very subtle dynamic positions.

We learned that a strong core transfers power to other movements, and makes it easier to do other movements.  We will build on your strong midlines for the 2nd primary training block for weeks 5-8.


Block #1

  • primary theme was:  Hollow Body and Mid-Line stability
  • secondary theme was: Conditioning – remember our EMOM drills

Block #2 Theme – Building Strength

For the next 4 weeks we will be working on building strength and moving heavier weights, safely.

We will have a secondary theme in block two, I’d be curious what your thoughts are of what that will be.

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