Second Workout of the Week of Dec. 2nd



– complete 3 rounds of the following

  • 8 burpees
  • 10 push-ups (strict or use a wall or stairs – no knee push-ups)
  •  30 second hollow body hold


  • samson stretch – 90 seconds each side
  • pigeon stretch – 90 second each side



  • 15 – Goblet Squats – Use a medium to heavy weighted dumbbell – ex: men 20-45#/ women 15-35#
    • Go slow, use good form, break up the sets if you need to.
  • 10 – Sit-ups

Record number of rounds completed & weight used for goblet squats

Goblet squat video for proper form

2 thoughts on “Second Workout of the Week of Dec. 2nd

  1. Tried to do burpees, but my toe is still swollen (this is really irritating me and I’m beginning to wonder about it); did the push-ups and hollow body holds; WOD: 7+3; used 12.5# weights.

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