WOD For Week of Dec. 8th

Warm Up crossfit-girls-wod-thumb

50 Double Unders or 100 Singles

followed by 2 rounds of the following

  • 45 second hollow body hold
  • 10 slow and controlled bird dogs
  • 10 standing strict press with Dumbbell – do one arm at a time (use same weight as Sunday or heavier by 2.5#)
  • 10 one arm bent over row each site (use same weight as Sunday or heavier by 2.5#)


  • 90 seconds each leg – Samson stretch
  • 90 seconds each leg – Pigeon stretch

Workout – Crossfit Benchmark “Annie”

15 Minute time CAP (If not complete in 15 minutes, note total reps completed for each movement)

Complete the following (if this is your first time doing Annie, I recommend you do 1/2 Annie)


  • Double Unders or 2x Singles
  • Sit-Ups

First timers with Annie Scale (10 minute time CAP)

1/2 Annie


  • Double Unders or 2x Single
  • Sit-ups

One thought on “WOD For Week of Dec. 8th

  1. Warm up: used 15# for one arm bent over row on Sunday; gym had 17.5#, so used that; used 15# for standing strict press on Sunday and today; Did full Annie with singles: time: 11:56; I am very tired now.

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