First Wod for Week of Jan 25th



Complete 3 rds of the following

  • 20 – double unders or 2x singles
  • 10 – overhead walking lunges – Hold a broomstick or PVC pipe overhead
  • 10  – bird dogs (slow and controlled)



AMRAP – 10 – Completes as many rounds as possible for time.

  •  10 Dumbbell Front Squats (20/25# Women / 30/35# men) – Hold dumbbell on shoulders, elbows forward – Squat crease of hips below knee (GET LOW) — Watch Video for good form
  •  10 Suitcase deadlift with same dumbbells – Watch video for proper form
  •  20 Double unders or 2x singles

Note dumbbell weights, use the same dumbbells for the front squats and deadlifts.

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