Workout Tuesday/Wed June 2/3rd


Apologies for the late WOD posting folks.  Love that Jillian did her own wod today.  SWEET!!!

Here you go for the first workout.

Warm Up

Complete 3 rds

  • 25 single unders
  • 10 bird dogs
  • 5 Goblet squats (10 bottom of squat for 30 seconds)

Strength / Skill

Seated dumbbell press  5 sets 7 reps (note weight) – demo (sit on floor, keep palms facing towards each other, back straight)

Metabolic Conditioning 

“Annie” For time (note time)


  • Double unders (modify single unders instead of doubles if needed)
  • Sit ups (unless you have backpain do sit-ups otherwise do flutter kicks)

7 thoughts on “Workout Tuesday/Wed June 2/3rd

  1. Did the workout from last week; burpees; heel touches; 11:11. Last week I forgot my gym clothes, so did that today.

  2. Cahba
    Did the Burpee/Heel touch ladder up to 40 heel touches. Time 8:44
    Hotel gym ceiling too low for Jump rope and too cold to WOD outside

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