WOD #1 Labor Day Week

Camera 360

Warm up.

400m run slow pace
Then 3 rounds of
15 hollow body rockers
10 walking lunges


set clock of 8 mins
Use lacrosse ball and foam roller on 4 areas that need attention 2 mins each side.

WOD  —- “Double Fours” / Repeat WOD

AMRAP-4(YES 4 Minutes)

25 double-unders or fast singles
10 push-UPS
10 Air Squats

Rest for 4 minutes

Repeat another AMRAP -4 (Yes the same WOD in another 4 mins of awesomeness)
25 DOUBLE unders
10 push-UPS

10 Air Squats

Record number of rounds + reps completed for Each AMRAP separately.  Ex: 4+3 / 5+2
GOAL:  The goal of this workout is to test your recovery system. Attempt to match the same number of rounds in the second attempt as the first with adequate rest.


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