First WOD Week of Dec. 15


Warm Up

  • 100 Single Under Jump ropes

three round of the following

  • 8 bird dogs
  • 8 air squats with 30 second pause and hold at the bottom
  • 8 (4 each side) dumbbell bent over row (use 2.5# heavier than prior row and record weight)


21-15-9 (complete the following reps and record time)

Cool down

Spend 6 mins rolling the shoulders and hips with lacrosse ball (90 second each body part)

4 thoughts on “First WOD Week of Dec. 15

  1. I did WOD#1 today; burpees were difficult since I had not done them since my broken toe; however, persevered through it. Time: 7:35; used 17.5# weight.

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