Workout for Thursday June 11th

bird dog

Warm Up

400m run or two sets of 50 single unders.  (Rosa omit the run or jump)

complete 2 rds not for time

  • 10 air squats
  • 10 Bird Dogs – demo 
  • 10 (5 each side) Elbow or Forearm to Instep w/ rotation – demo 
  • 20 mountain climbers – go slow to medium pace, it’s just the warm up- demo 

Skill / Strength

 spend 5 mins on Hollow body progressions –demo of progressions 

– 5 x 1 – take 5 attempts and hold hollow position (no rocking) for 20 seconds.

– Note your progressions, tuck, 1 leg, 2 legs, arms extended

Metabolic Conditioning 


  • 5  –  Man Makers – demo (use manageable weight) 
    • Man Maker scale (do push ups on knees or do movement with no weights on hands)
  • 50 – Single Unders

2 thoughts on “Workout for Thursday June 11th

  1. I did 400m and two sets of 50su’s… oops.

    Hollow Body Progressions: Tuck, One Leg, Two Legs… Held one leg out for my hollow body holds.

    6 rounds, no weight, reg pushups- was out at the track.

  2. Did two sets of 50 SUs; Hollow Body Progressions: Tuck One Leg, Two Legs, Arms overhead; did that 3 times; 5+4; tried using 7.5#, but my left arm is sore, so switched to no weights; had a time remembering how to do this movement. It was not a pretty sight.

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